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roger cressy. live in watertown, we were listening together as kerry sanders was moved further and further back. what are you seeing? >> he is a few blocks away from here, but we are not hearing anything that he is hearing. it's quiet in this part of watertown. the helicopter that had been circling for the past few hours is no longer here. we have seen tactical units leave and others come back in. we haven't seen anything like kerry has been seeing a few blocks away from where we are standing. we don't want to give away too much because the police asked that we don't give out tactical information, but we are going on hour ten of a lockdown. people are not outside. maybe all of four or five residents come around to the area. that's very unusual whenever there is a media staging area people ask what is going on. we have seen none of that. people are heeding the warnings to stay inside. police have been going from door-to-door trying to see if they can find suspect number two, the guy in the white hat. if he is hiding out here, there is suspicion he s. the entire area of boston is
's kerry sanders is in cambridge for us. kerry, what can you tell us? >> reporter: mara, there were reports of a disturbance here on the m.i.t. campus, and an m.i.t. police officer responded. apparently, that police officer was shot multiple times. the security team here says that he was transported to a hospital where he was reported dead. the authorities then converged on the area as they swarmed the area, there were some explosions that were heard a short distance away. and many of the officers then traveled over towards watertown where there are many officers now converging to find out if that is related to what happened here. mara? >> kerry, thanks so much. "last word" is coming up. >>> once again, these are the men the fbi is asking you to help find. the fbi says they are armed and dangerous, and says they are suspects in the boston bombing investigation. if you think you see anything here, any way that you can help, call the fbi tip line. 1-800-call-fbi. the latest is coming up next. [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 r
's kerry sanders. >> reporter: for two days all 15-year-old david yepez has heard and thought about are his injuries from the second explosion. >> this is ruthie. >> reporter: but today, david smiled. >> we have a dog at home. he's a small yorkie terrier. >> reporter: for just a moment luther and ruthie made the shrapnel that tore through his left leg and the painful second-degree burns almost an afterthought. >> it's relaxing. takes my mind away from everything going on. >> reporter: today lutheran church charities deployed the comfort brigade at tufts medical center. dogs that have been working with other recovering children in newtown, connecticut. >> come on, puppy. >> reporter: quiet peaceful visitors who leeann says set her nerves at ease hours before the surgery on her wounded leg. >> animals, you know, they just have a different sense, you know. they don't talk back to you. >> oh, my goodness! hi! >> reporter: the comfort dogs are like furry therapists and it is not just those who were injured that need relief. how nice is it for you to have just a different moment with a dog? >> my
, massachusetts. kerry sanders is also on the scene there and speaking with witnesses there this evening. if you could set the scene as to what's happening right now. we're looking at taped replay from the climax of this activity. if you can tell us what's happening right now. >> reporter: well, let me step away from the police line to get back in view. we're in the business district. traffic lights and, of course, often this is now police officers and police cars. but the number of police officers and cars that were here has changed considerably. most of the officers who responded in an incredibly high rate of speed from m.i.t. over to here have left the area. now, the distance from where the shots were initially fired at an m.i.t. police officer and to this location, it's about 4 1/2 miles. would be a normally 15-minute drive with the traffic and traffic lights. of course, the police officers responded here in excess of 100 miles an hour. and as they were heading over here and chasing somebody, two suspects, we believe, witnesses say they heard boom and then another boom. and then they heard c
is there any sort of booby-trap or bomb. >> kerry sanders in watertown. let's go to pete williams in washington. pete, you got anything? >> we are told that there is a fire now in the boat. don't know how big it is. could be the combination of incendiary devices and fuel in the boat or it could be the person in the boat set the fire himself. there is a fire on the boat. we don't know how big it is. >> well, that makes things confusing and interesting. we have seen no flurry of activity at the street level. depending on what kind of fire it is they have equipment on the s.w.a.t. trucks that are assembled. i saw a picture on a boston station that lays out the scene of just an entire line of s.w.a.t. team members taking a knee in front of the house. a lot of the vehicles are parked at the house itself. we keep looking at the cambridge bomb squad. they are parked well out of the perimeter. when it was clear they weren't needed at the scene. resetting, 8:13 p.m. just joining us, we have had two incidents of gunfire tonight. 30 minutes after the folks in watertown, mass. after a take cover order all
his name. and nbc's kerry sanders is in watertown. kerry, i know you've had a very busy couple of hours with the police moving and moving you and others in and out, down the street as they made their searches. what is the situation now? >> right now completely calm. they're actually stopping for lunch. drinking, most of the officers have pulled back. i think there's a little bit of disappointment. because they thought they had the second suspect in an area just a short difficulty frns where i'm standing. it appears that if he was there, they did not get him. the residents, most of them were evacuated, some are still in their homes and so as we've heard, they've gone through about 70% of this area, they still have more to go. the scene though, is one of a little bit more calm and i got to tell you, the intensity here has been as high-wire act as you can have. at one point, telling us to hit the ground, there were snipers on a roof not far from here, and they were police running around in a, with just about every weapon possible out, drawn. focused on at one point, something that
have lost a leg. moments ago, nbc's kerry sanders caught up with massachusetts governor deval patrick who had this to say. >> really incredible stories of resilience and even triumph, which is not in some ways what you expect. >> do you hear anger? >> no. >> does that surprise you? >> for the very latest now we want to check in with nbc's kerry sanders who's in boston at tuft's medical center. it's always surprising when we look at the video and see people rushing in to help. i'm always emboldened by that behavior and i think that it shows the resilience of the american people and the american spirit and you talking with the governor there saying he's always surprised by people, i think, that most people would be surprised the families and loved ones aren't expressing anger right now. >> reporter: and it surprises me. probably why i asked the question of the governor as he was exiting. you know, those who make the decision to run toward something, those especially who are just civilians may surprise themselves. it's not until you're in that exact moment of crisis that you make that de
want to bring in kerry sanders who is live on the phone now. he is also in watertown. and you've been covering this story all night from the very beg beginning. how did all of this start? >> i'm around the corner from andrew, what he saw from his position. he can't see what i can see because of where he is. i'm sort of like half a block around the corner from him. but there's 35 police officers that have saved themselves in an area here. looks like they were getting ready to make walk the streets to look for something but then they broke up. some of the vehicles are pulling out of here. and in those vehicles, unmarked vehicles are federal military s.w.a.t. team. and using that description sort of vaguely because they won't identify themselves. but the way they're dressed, the gear they're wearing including night vision gear and they're dressed in military garb, they may be a state agency, but it says v-14 on their soldiers, they have american flag patches and packed to the hilt with every armament you would need to move through here. they have pulled back. two per vehicle, six vehicle
for negotiators? >> i think that when you listen to them -- >> excuse me for one second. kerry sanders is back up and live. >> now they are pushing us even further away. i'm not sure what is going on. it appeared there was -- we needed to get down and now we are getting back up off the ground and moving a considerable distance away from what is developing. we are going back even more. >> okay. please do. >> i wish i could give you a better explanation why, but it's tense when an officer tells you to get on the ground. >> we want to you do what they tell you and this is a tense situation. watertown, massachusetts. we don't know what we are dealing with. i see a picture and police victims. here you are, kerry. we see you. >> great. let me show you what you got. down here police cars and if you look over here -- [inaudible] if you go all the way down about a block and a half [inaudible] this is a live camera. thank you. down on the sidewalk here, this is well past many of the police officers and the officers were crouching behind cars and taking different positions where what appeared to be to me so
itself in a different location. mara. >> all right. kerry sanders, thank you. it is now top of the hour, 5:00 eastern time. some six hours since this story began to unfold with a shooting on the campus of m.i.t. i want to bring in now nbc news justice correspondent pete williams, who's been in touch with his law enforcement sources on this story all night. pete, what can you tell us? >> well, i guess there's several things we're trying to nail down. i guess the big question here now is who are they? we've heard from a couple of officials that they don't have a positive identification on them, but they've been tentatively identified. they believe, at least it's the initial assessment of the two law enforcement people i've talked to, that they came to the u.s. about a year ago. we don't know precisely from where. they may have some -- a bit of military experience overseas, which could possibly explain their facility with explosives. and that is our operating assumption right now. it appears that this all started when they tried to rob a 7-eleven tonight. a policeman responded. they killed
and seeing what we now know as suspect one. kerry sanders was among those on our team originally assigned to this story in boston. then came word of the cop shot in cambridge, not far from the harvard campus. then came word, shots fired, three explosions in watertown, mass. >> reporter: it's been chaotic since really. arriving in watertown in the aftermath of the explosions and the shootings, the officers were so concentrated on what they were dealing with and i'm talking about more than 100 officers that as a reporter, as bystanders, one guy rode his bike. up to what was going on. right up there just out of curiosity. wasn't really until the officers realized that things had moved into another section of watertown that they could turn around and start pushing people back because they were so concentrated on the suspects. then i went on foot with a camera crew and e we started walking in through some of the neighborhoods and stumbled upon one of areas where there had been an exchange of gunfire. and that is where one witness had been actually skyping and looking out his window and showing
like lester holt, kerry sanders that gunfire had taken place. this will whip up the crowd. the fire engine hitting the siren on the way out. this will begin the slow parade of fire and police out of the scene. apparently the suspect was holed up under a tarp in a trailered boat in the backyard of a private house. two or three-story frame house. and all this time we have been waiting for this to resolve. s.w.a.t. teams were assembled. and he's being transported to the same hospital where an mta cop is recovering from gunshots sustained last night. as this slow parade of vehicles now exits, kerry sanders, what a wild -- what, 20 hours, 18 hours it's been in that town. >> i've got to say i'm lost. it's been -- i guess i started working thursday at 5:00 a.m. and have been working straight through. it's hard to keep clear everything that's been going on. wayne metrano is a resident here. there are members of the community we hear cheering, high fiving, big smiles. how do you feel now knowing that this is over, that he's in custody and he's alive? >> it's been a busy 18
today about one of the wounded -- a woman in a now famous photograph. kerry sanders has our report from boston tonight. >> reporter: she was but five feet away when the first bomb exploded. >> i don't know how you can put a bomb there and look at the people around and know that you're going to kill them. i don't understand it. >> reporter: victoria mcgrath's rescue was captured in this iconic image. >> thank you. >> reporter: on tuesday, victoria met the man who carried her to safety -- firefighter jimmy plourde. >> you looked at me like, i'm so scared. i'm like, we're out of here. i'm picking you up. you said is, no. i'm like, we're going. >> i thought there would be more bombing. >> reporter: also at tufts medical center bruce mendelson, a bystander who ran toward the explosion, not away. he was the first to reach victoria, used a t-shirt to tie a tourniquet to her leg. >> the doctor told me if you hadn't done that i would have died. you saved my life. otherwise i would have bled out because it hit the artery. >> wow. >> reporter: x-rays reveal a one-inch piece of shrapnel tore into v
on this developing situation and for more news and information at this time we are joined by nbc news's kerry sanders live on the phone from boston. kerry, can you tell me what you're hearing and seeing on the ground there. >> reporter: sorry. sort of breaking up. can you hear me? this is kerry sanders. >> you're live on the air. go ahead. >> okay. great. as you can hear, there are lots of sirens coming through. these are more emergency vehicles coming in. not police vehicles. i've just come from somehow i wound up on the other side of the police line and i was right up against where the officers have gathered. and there are countless number of officers who have moved -- >> seems we may have lost nbc's kerry sanders live on the scene there in boston. we will continue covering this developing situation. please stay with msnbc for the latest on this developing story. an officer shot and killed at m.i.t. in boston. now back to the "rachel maddow show." >>> what seems to represent at least a somewhat dramatic shift in law enforcement's overall understanding of the case. >> within the last day or so, thro
. that controversial play by tiger woods at the masters tournament in augusta, georgia. nbc's kerry sanders has the latest tonight from augusta. kerry? >> reporter: lester, tierg woods did not win the masters but he is all anyone can talk about because of what went unnoticed by course officials. the world's number one ranked golfer trying to win his first masters tournament in eight years, fighting from he behind after a controversial ruling that has the golf world sharply divide. >> he's played golf long enough to know the rules. i believe that he should be disqualified. >> he should have got an two-stroke penalty, which he did. it was deserved for the mistake he made. >> friday on the 15 hth hole, his approach shot hit the flag and rolled in to the water. he was forced to take a ball drop. it was a tv viewer who called the rules committee to say it was in the wrong spot. tiger then tried to explain his actions in an interview with espn. >> i looked over the drop area. it wasn't very good. it was in to the grain. tough shot. i went back to where i was and took two yards farther back and tried
out. for the most part, very calm. we saw a few hours ago with kerry sanders being pushed back, if you saw that video, he was pushed back because there was some action going on a few blocks away. since then, it's been pretty quiet. we've seen military helicopters land, take off, circle. a police helicopter was circling this area for a few hours. that's no longer the case. we're on the main drag of watertown and there's nobody out here. it's a friday afternoon. it's a nice day. it's windy, it's a little overcast, but for the most part it's a pretty warm day here it it's remarkable to see just nobody on the street. it's a really early feeling. it's hard to describe. >> i can about imagine. you've been doing a great job describing it throughout this day for us. i know people didn't even bother coming to work. so many of those businesses are shut down. i know we've had your camera pan over to the side. people are not walking. they are staying inside. trying to find out from authorities when they can go outside safely. >> in fact, boston police have asked everybody in the boston metro area
and the people police say did it. let's start with nbc's kerry sanders, who was right in the thick of things when the manhunt ended. kerry, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. a day later and details of the hunt and capture of the most wanted man in america are now clear. today in this sports crazy town at the red sox game, tributes to the victims and cheers for the first responders. ♪ hallelujah >> reporter: the blanket of fear on this community was lifted when it was confirmed that 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev was no longer a threat. 4:30, friday morning, authorities notified much of watertown a fugitive is on the loose. >> there's an ongoing manhunt for a person wanted in connection with monday's bombing. >> reporter: a good portion of watertown was already awake because it sounded like a war zone. one suspect, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev, was dead, and another, his younger brother, had escaped a police dragnet. 7:59 a.m., daylight.
and the boat itself remain sealed off by police. lester? >> kerry sanders, thanks. >>> and while the crisis is over, the investigation of what motivated the suspects is just beginning. nbc's national investigative correspondent, michaelis isakoff, has spent the day looking into the matter. >> investigators are intensely focused on the background of the tsarnaev brothers and what drove them to terrorism. meanwhile, federal prosecutors are prepared to file criminal terrorism charges that could carry the death penalty against the surviving 19-year-old suspect. the younger suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, captured live last night, is under guard at a boston hospital. federal agents are waiting to question him. as soon as his medical condition allows, about whether he had any accomplices or overseas connections. authorities believe his older brother, tamerlan, killed in a gun battle early friday morning while wearing explosives strapped to his chest, may have instigated the plot and persuaded dzhokhar to join him, but why? the brothers originally from chechnya, were raised in the u.s., living in the
's kerry sanders who's out there in the cold. i understand police are still on the scene right now. what can you tell us about what things look like right there now. >> it is pretty much shut down. and it will continue to be that way through into tomorrow. the authorities are treating this vast area as a crime scene. it's possible that there may be a clue that is not quite obvious in the daylight, perhaps it will reveal itself. and so most of the access in and out is going to be restricted. there's a tremendous presence of police officers here. the boston department is on alpha bravo shifts. the focus here is to find a suspect or suspects. ed davis, the police commissioner says that anybody who briefs that there's a suspect at brigham womens he said that is not correct. fine line between person of interest and a suspect. bottom line is everybody has the same question, who is or who are responsible for this and followed by the question, why. tomorrow will be a difficult day in the city. as much of the city will attempt to operate. things will move much slower. the transportation system, t
a press conference at tufts university where nbc's kerry sanders joins us now, what's the latest from your end? >> well i think we can tell you about one particular story that sort of describes the ordeal that so many patients are having to deal with. these are victims. let me tell you about lee anne and her husband, nick yahne. they were here to participate in cheering on a friend, they were right there at the finish line. when the bomb exploded, that first one, it sent shrapnel in a 360 degrees, and one of the ball bearings came out and hit lee anne in the left leg. it went through her leg, broke her femur and caused the open wound to begin bleeding out. right as she was laying there on the ground. her husband, nick, was nearby. but the concussion of the explosion caused him to momentarily go deaf. so he said it was sort of silent as he was looking around for his wife. as she was laying there, they were eventually -- >> that was kerry sanders live in boston. we're just getting in some developing news right now. an official of wisconsin's carroll university tells nbc news there is an ongo
-trial hearing on the stand your ground defense law in florida. nbc's kerry sanders has more on the high profile case. >> reporter: george zimmerman is accused of second-degree murder in the death of teenager trayvon martin. at issue now, can he claim florida's controversial stand-your-ground law during trial? today in court, he waived his ability to have a hearing prior to trial one in which the judge would determine whether that florida law gives him immunity. >> is it your decision not to have a pretrial immunity hearing? >> after consultation with my counsel, yes, your honor. >> has anyone promised you to get you to make this decision? >> no, your honor. >> has anybody threatened you? >> no, your horn. >> is your decision voluntarily made? >> yes. >> george zimmerman's attorneys say they reserve the right to use stand your ground law during the trial, a trial set to begin in six weeks. kerry sanders, nbc news, sanford, florida. >>> now zimmerman has sued our parent company for defamation in civil court. the company has strongly denied his allegations. >>> right now at 6:00, tonight there is
made during competition. here's kerry sanders. >> reporter: on friday the world's most famous golfer was on the 15th hole when a ball hit the flag stick and then rolled into a water hazard. >> you have got to be kidding me. >> reporter: tiger woods then dropped his replacement ball at what appeared to be a good distance from where he should have placed it for continued play. >> i took it two yards further back and tried to hit my yards another two yards off of what i felt like i hit it. >> reporter: the move may have gone unnoticed had a television viewer not prompted the rules committee to take a second look. >> you, me, whoem whom ever can call augusta national after the rules committee and report a violation. no other sport has anything like that. >> reporter: after reviewing the tape, the united states golf association announced woods had violated the rules, ultimately determining his replacement ball was further from the point it should have been, and assess a two-stroke penalty. for some outraged golf fans on twitter, that was not enough. this is a joke in my opinion. anyone el
or organization? >> don't know the answer to that. >> we heard from nbc's kerry sanders a few minutes ago who was watching the activities of s.w.a.t. teams. metal detectors were set off in a building. several blocks of watertown are sealed off right now as police take control of the crime scene area and obviously try to find this other suspect. pete, let me ask you, as you just confirmed that the two men in the pictures are the two men involved here tonight. i had heard from another police officer here who was just briefing reporters casually suggesting that they might be looking for others. have you heard anything else? >> i don't believe that's the case now. this is becoming more and more clear, they are looking for someone. our sense is, there were just two people involved here. again, the caveat that this is a fluid situation and our understanding of this changes every 15 minutes. the person you're looking at now the so-called "black hat" suspect from the boston bombing is dead. and that the white hat suspect is at large. they are trying to find him, and so we believe they're just two peo
. >> let's get to nbc's kerry sanders on the other side of watertown. what are you hearing? >> okay, so let me sort of back up because earlier today we've been telling you about a moment where the officers came down arsenal street, the main street here, and to me it appeared they were drawing down on an individual that was laying on the sidewalk. and i got myself behind a car. i was looking, ingot a glimpse of what appeared to be a person. i can now confirm it was a person laying there. the authorities thought that person was the suspect. the number two suspect that they've been after. and so when they drew down on him and got him down and the officers went running down the street, this guy was basically sited by more than 100 weapons from the police. the authorities pushed us back and has taken some time to really get an answer as to what it was. i got to say, glimpsed it awfully quickly. i can tell you from sources in the police ranks here that that was a person. it all ended when they eventually determined, which took a long time, he was not somebody they were after. and that he did not
to happen when kerry sanders goes we just heard gunshots. we just heard gunshots, folks moving a few blocks up. quite remarkable that he was able to evade capture, wounded, with no formal military training. that's certainly a question a lot of people are going to have moving forward. >> okay. luke russert outside of beth israel medical center. thank you so much. joining me on the phone right now, former fbi profiler and nbc analyst clint van zandt. clint, talk about those questions that luke was raising. how this guy was able to evade capture. i mean, when law enforcement puts in a perimeter, what's the criteria in judging how far to go? >> well, alex, you normally have two different perimeters. you have an outer perimeter that is -- you believe is the furthest distance out that either the subject could go or that his weapons would be functional. and then you have an inner perimeter, if you know exactly where he's at. and again, watching and listening last night, it sounds like that this 20 block perimeter that they threw around was, you know, should have been 21 blocks. that somehow, where
their court over there. they served the city over here. i'm proud that they work for us. >> nbc kerry sanders spoke with a firefighter who helped save lives on monday. here's what he had to say. >> she was in pain. she was scared. i'm not sure how old she was but she looked very young to me. she said, i'm scared. >> as i look at this picture, i see a burley hero, you, not just helping somebody but comforting somebody. what do you see? >> somebody hurt. people say, who do you get to, who do you help? it's one patient at a time. >> i see somebody hurt. that's what we are really trying to show america. these people -- these first responders are just trying to respond and do the job that they were committed to do and i think that is hero we can. kevin? >> he will wiwell, i asked thes what did they think? they didn't know if there were going to be secondary explosions. marines were convinced it was going to be biological weapons. they called it -- it's the pucker test. i said, what's the pucker test? that's when a certain part of your body tuckers up and they said they had to fight through that an
. kerry sanders juan on tv when the police told them to take cover. >> the officer said get down. >> reporter: the uncle pleaded with the brother. >> if you're alive, turnier self in and ask for forgiveness from the victims, from the injured. >> reporter: just as dusk was falling tonight, another break in the manhunt and for the second night in a row, a suburban boston neighborhood was on pins and needles, jarred by something that sure sounded like gunfi gunfire. after 24 hours of firing, police seemed to have the main us is sick cornered. a resident in watertown called to report blood in a backyard leading to a boat where police believed the suspect was hiding. as an ambulance left the area around 9:00 p.m. tonight eastern time. >> the suspect is in custody. >> the crowd cheered. in the end, it all came down to ordinary citizens rallying to help the authorities. back to you. >> on the up side, while there were rumors and fits and starts, this was a kind of rollout experiment for a crowd sourced manhunt spread via media and more importantly social media. >> reporter: yeah, that's
's a very chilling situation at this point. >> we go to nbc's kerry sanders who has been on the scene several hours now. i can't imagine the sights and sounds that watertown is waking up to today being locked down and literally frozen as law enforcement authorities and armored vehicle pour through the streets looking for the second suspect. what can you tell us, kerry? >> right now, those in their homes are told not to come out. over my shoulder in the distance you can see part of a field forest with state officers here. massachusetts state police have been brought in. a similarly sized group of officers have already deployed off down the side here and moving into neighborhoods working through the backyards. they are supplementing teams who have been working through the backyards of homes up in this area overnight. we were up there for some time. the officer said they are pretty sure the suspect would not be out in the street but, more likely if he were there he would be hiding behind one of the houses maybe in the shadows and telling the residents stay put and slowly moving up. many
helping strangers in the moments after the boston marathon bombing. nbc's kerry sanders has that part of the story for us. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning here. we've got the comfort dogs that are dogs here. they know how to get out and reach and give unconditional love to those in the city who need it now, a city that is beginning to celebrate the goodness in people. ♪ >> reporter: boston is united and thankful for their heroes, like the firefighter who says what you see in this photo is a first responder just doing his job. >> she was in pain. she was scared. i'm not sure how old she was but she looked very young to me. she said "i'm scared. ". >> reporter: as i look at this picture i see a burly hero, you, not just rescuing somebody, but comforting somebody. what do you see? >> i see somebody hurt. people say what'd you do first? who do you get to? who do you had en? it's one patient at a time. >> reporter: for bostonians one kind act at a time. >> one guy was shivering so bad. i looked at him, do you want coffee? he was like oh, yes so i brought him some cof
others sickened. this flu snoints but the cdc activated its emergency center just in case. >>> kerry sanders got to visit with carol, the circus elephant injured in a drive by shooting. >>> lipsky star lindsay vonn is at augusta to cheer on her boyfriend tiger woods. tiger starting today two under-par. take a look at this shock video a woman gets into a fight on a bus while holding her baby. she throws her baby to another passenger so she can go fight the woman. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] there are hybrids. ♪ then there are turbo hybrids. introducing the first hybrid you'll actually want to drive. that's the power of german engineering. [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees an
this happiness and celebration. kerry sanders, what's it like on your street corner? >> reporter: okay, brian. it's come to a conclusion. folks are taking the huge sigh of relief. people are coming out of their houses. they are in their cars. there are folks walking up and down the street. you know, it's just really contagious to see how happy people are. they have been through a tremendous amount. you know, there is still a lot of pain here. for the moment people are really, really thrilled. you know, i'm originally from new england. my niece is up in the north end. she's telling me people are out there celebrating. back to you, brian. >> the commander of the state police has started talking. let's go to the news conference. >> to those families that lost loved ones or suffered injuries they have to live with the rest of their lives, for a police officer, a young man starting a career at m.i.t. and a police officer with the mbta who almost lost his life and from neighborhoods that lived in fear for an spire day, we are eternally grateful for the outcome here tonight. we have a suspect in custody
a considerable distance away from what has developed there. >>> we're going to take you live to kerry sanders on the "today show" at this moment. >> i wish i could give you a better explanation as to why. at this point it's safe to say it's incredibly intense when an officer is telling you to get on the ground. >> we want you to do what the officers el you, kerry and the crew as well. this is an incredibly intense situation. watertown, massachusetts. >> can you see the picture right now? >> i see a picture here you are. we see you. >> okay. great. so let me sort of take you through. let me show you what you've got. down here. that's the u.s. army. if you go all the way now about a block and a half -- live camera. thank you. down on the walk here from left -- well pass many of the police officers they have been taking their positions that would appear to be to me somebody laying on the ground the like a turquoise shirt. the person on the ground did not appear to be moving at all. >> kerry, standby there. keep us posted. somebody with great expertise in a situation like this. nobody has experti
this happened and who's responsible. rachel? >> nbc's kerry sanders, thank you very much for appreciate you being out there in the cold for us and keeping us apprised. you know, it is remarkable, the one thing that has changed over the past decade is the word from law enforcement when incidents like this happen. it used to be about leaving the police to do their job. more and more, you essentially hear police, fbi, law enforcement of all kinds saying, give us everything you've got. tell us everything you know. don't self-censor. if you think you might have something, even if you don't know that it's directly material, but you think it could be, tell us, we'd rather have it than not have it. we have more faith in our data mining abilities than we used to. intelligence-based law enforcement apparatus in this country. we want it if you've got it. seeing that shape, seeing that change over time gives you some sense of the way we've evolved in terms of both law enforcement and counterterrorism. both at the international level autoal but responding and being resilient once it happens. peter kraus
going down the street in one direction. a number of military vehicles. i think kerry sanders referred to those. there are some national guard military police units along with explosive ordinance and experts in dismantling or rendering safe, explosive devices. they need that robust presence because explosive devices tau d tossed f eed from the vehicle a tossed at police. explosive devices there, as well. it's a ghost town here. really remarkable scene. normally large media settings like this, you get a lot of people coming out and curious and wanting to take pictures. not a lot of that here. these streets are empty people are genuinely concerned and genuinely afraid and my guess is they're locked on to local tv. very unnerving thought that a man as desperate as this man apparently is is an incredible danger to everyone. >> lester holt in watertown. as we know, the manhunt has been expanded there after two individuals. dzhokhar tsarnaev and an unnamed accomplice that caught an amtrak train. i want to bring in roger back in and james kavanagh. you're hearing this new information. now, a
where kerry sanders is. right down the street and to the left is where the shootout between the two suspects and police happened very early this morning. now we know that tamerlan tsarnaev was shot and killed. and when police approached him he was wearing an improvised explosive device on his body. his brother, dzhokhar fled the scene. and they're worried that he may be wearing something similar. we are not quite sure what's happening in watertown right now. but i can tell you the scene has been very fluid. it's quieted down. it picks back up. the cars have been coming in and out of here pret te steadily for the past few hours. >> nbc katy tour from watertown, massachusetts. with us on the phone is former congressman, barney frank. i can't imagine the emotions you must be feeling. you've represented the state of massachusetts for 32 years. seeing one of america's major cities, one of your, your city of boston, shut down like this -- tell us what's going through your head. >> well, i have admiration first of all for law enforcement. given the terrible acts that happened on monday. >>
major thing we heard was kerry sanders being pushed back around 12:30 or so earlier today. it's quiet here. people have been inside for the entire day. they've been inside since last night. we've seen very few people on the street here. we are in the middle of what you could call main street or the downtown part of watertown. the main area. the entire day we have been here, we've only seen maybe 5, 10, 12 people from the town come out and see what's going on. everybody is voluntarily -- they're on lockdown, so they're supposed to stay inside, but everybody is staying inside. we did see somebody come to their balcony earlier as the cops were walking by and doing their rounds and they were told to go back inside. it's anxious here. it's certainly anxious. it's been anxious all day long. you can tell it's anxious because we haven't had people come out. there's been so few, or no situations where you have gaggles and masses of news media and don't have people coming by to see what's going on. the fact everybody has stayed inside speaks to just how nervous this situation is. and just how m
. let's go to kerry sanders. we don't have him yet. >> there is a suspect that somehow was able to elude the police here. that is the second suspect. and it's possible that he -- because he was on foot, it's believed, is somewhere still in watertown. now, the authorities spent all day combing through 20 streets here and they were even going indoor homes and checking houses and finally they lifted that order for people to remain in their homes. some of them were driving out here with smiles on their faces and now all of a sudden this. i'm going to step out of the way because we have some of the folks here from the military that are pulling out as well. so the barrage of gunfire down in that general direction, it's west here in watertown and i wish i could tell you i understood more about what it is but clearly the police are responding to the gunfire. >> erica, can you hear me? erica hill, report. >> reporter: yes. yes. >> erica? >> reporter: yes. >> you're on the air. >> reporter: chris, we are here in watertown and there has been an increased police presence and with certainty, to say t
tsarnaev, suspect number two. you will now go to nbc's kerry sanders. what do you have is. >> reporter: it was more than an hour ago we were getting toward do a live report with brian williams on the network and we heard a barrage of gunfire coming from that direction. that's about two and half blocks down there. charles river would be behind me. then it sort of makes a little bit after jog and the road turns up there. we all focus had attention up there and so did authorities. there were screaming vehicles of police heading that direction. up here, armored personnel. s.w.a.t. teams up this way. then converging about 50 minutes or so of silence. then we heard four shots. boom boom, boom boom. then a little bit of momentary silence. then i think eight or nine more shots. now this is very hard to do accurately. but as best as i could tell. the shot were coming from one source and not returning. because they had a similar sound and it did not sound like automatic gunfire. it sounded like the trigger was being pull owed noted on a semi. likely multiple officers -- there are some dogs going
's a day like nothing boston has ever experienced. nbc news correspondent kerry sanders was on the "today" show from watertown when police told him to take cover. >> the officer started to yell get down, get down. >> reporter: the uncle of the surviving brother pleaded with his nephew. >> i say if you are alive turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness for the victims and the injured. >> reporter: as dusk was falling tonight, another break in the manhunt. for the second night in a row a suburban boston neighborhood was on pins and needles, jarred by something that sure sounded like gunfire. after more than 24 hours of searching, police seem to finally have the remaining suspect in the marathon bombings cornered. police say a resident here in watertown called in to report blood in a backyard leading to a boat where police believe the suspect was hiding. as an ambulance left the area around 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. >> suspect is in custody. >> reporter: the crowd cheered. in the end it had come down to ordinary citizens rallying to help the authorities. the younger brother now in a bo
at a later date. joining me from florida, kerry sanders. was this decision a surprise? >> reporter: we knew it was likely to come. the judge wanted it on the record in court. so george zimmerman had to go up, take an oath and go through the pieces with the judge that he, with consulting his attorneys, that he would not invoke immunity using the stand your ground law prior to the trial. now, his attorney, mark o'marra thinks he could bring it up during the trial. this is a question not for the jury but rather for the judge. and so in florida, it can be brought up prior to the trial. the judge could rule on it. if the judge were to say yes, stand your ground does indeed grant your mup, there never would be the impanelling of a jury or a trial. remember in florida, judges are elected. second of all, he can do it during trial. now, if he were to use it during trial, imagine, there would be a jury impaneled and the judge would have to make that decision. just the argument, even if it is out of jurors' ears, could in some way influence. then there is the mere possibility that once the trial is sa
families tried to find out if their loved ones were safe. nbc's kerry sanders is with us now that part of the story. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. with more than 26,000 people running in the race from 98 different countries as news spread on the internet, you can imagine phone calls started coming in from around the world and that crushed the cell phone system. voice calls were next to impossible but the one thing that did work and worked well on these phones, social media. within moments of the blast -- >> i have to call my husband, thank you. >> reporter: as panic set in, those nearby reached for their cell phones, calling, tweeting pictures but within minutes the cell phone system was overwhelmed. >> i was glad that i was able to text because it was very hard to keep up with everyone back at home asking if we were okay. >> reporter: what did work, texting, facebook and twitter. almost immediately pictures went online, one of the first on twitter appears to show a plume of smoke from the first explosion, and orange flames from the second detonation. as news sp
's kerry sanders. >> reporter: at the masters where golf history is often made and legends are born, a stunning story line is unfolding. guan tianlang is making history at 14 years old. >> representing himself well in terms of handling the pressure and media and exposure and having to actually perform in one of the sports biggest events and he's done a magnificent job. >> reporter: the teenager whose mother faa has been following him around with a juice box and food was hit with a penalty. he was playing the course too slowly. >> this is a reflection on younger players wanting to be like pga tour players and they are slow as well so it just kind of is a trickle down effect of the slow play on the pga tour. >> reporter: despite the penalty, he'll be back on the course later today. >> he'll be the youngest player by a lot. i think that's something that he should be so proud of and as golf begins to grow around the world, especially in the far east and he would be a great representative of that effort. >> reporter: that other golfer who was making headlines when he was but a toddler is
's kerry sanders has details on that. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this bankruptcy hearing will begin in a few hours but this bankruptcy case is different than most because it asks the questions who owns casey anthony's life story, and if her story is a valuable asset can somebody else own it? she's a free woman but casey anthony is still battling in court, filing for bankruptcy. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: she was acquit of murderinger 2-year-old daughter two years ago. in court documents she claims she owes almost collars 800,000 mostly in attorneys fees. but now the trustee wants to repay the debt by auctioning off the rights to her story. anthony's lawyers are fighting back. she would have to speak, write or otherwise express her memories so they could be recorded in a firm enjoyable by others. for that reason alone the trustees motion should be denied. anthony's hearing last month was recorded by the court. >> have you had any discussions with any agents in relationship to any movie or book the rights your story? >> no, sir. >> ha
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